Terra Snover

Launch Titles:

Bing Map App • 3D Editor: A beautiful 3D experience designed to immerse the user in a truley unique 3D experience that feels like you’re really there.

Rocket Frogs • Art and UI Design: Fling your frog across the universe using power ups and gravity while avoiding hazards to become the master pilot.

Wisp • Level Design and Art Design: A 2D puzzle platformer that follows a small ball of energy only known as “little-one” as it is guided by a mysterious voice to collect wisps of pure potential.

Professional Experience:

Game Designer • Self Employed – September 2014 – Present
• Created art assits for a number of indy games.
• Designed Levels and art assets for the game “This is my Life?”
• Developed a web app for a school program, to gamify healthy living for children.

3D Editor • Microsoft – September 2013 – September 2014
• Edited geometry produced by geodetic systems to create 3D cities in Bing Maps App.
• Textured buildings useing photogrammetric images.
• Designed UI/UX elements for developer tools.

Game Artist • IDC Projects – February 2012 – September 2013
• Developed 2D and 3D graphics and UI’s for the mobile game “Rocket Frogs”.
• Designed art assets for the mobile game “Match“
• Puzzles for the mobile game “Match“

Art Instructor • City of Aurora – May 2009 – June 2013
• Taught 10 to 20 high school students how to make sequential art and character design.
• Worked with adults on figure drawing and painting.


Art: • 3D Graphics • Gamification • UI / UX • Marketing • Illustration • Concept art • Foley Design
Software: • Unity Engine • Maya • 3Ds Max • Z Brush • Adobe CS • Corel Painter • Final Cut Pro
Programming: • Lua • C# • HTML • CSS • JavaScript


Kansas City Art Institute • Bachelors of Fine Art • New Media • 2006 – 2009